Toronto has some of the best photography galleries you can visit. They showcase many works from internationally renowned down to local talents. If you are looking for inspiration for your career in photography, try to visit these places.

Stephen Bulger Gallery

This place is one of the veterans in terms of fine photography. It has an inventory containing more or less 15,000 photographs. 

Gallery 44

A photo-centric gallery, this place tends to hold exciting exhibitions that revolve around developmental and non-traditional photography. It also features artists with aspiring potential.

Ryerson Image Center

The center is not only an extension of the Image Arts program of Ryerson University but also a gallery open to the general public. There’s a schedule for international exhibitions and free daily tours. 

Bau-Xi Photo

If you are looking for traditional photography only, this gallery is strictly focused on that. This place embodies the pureness of the art of fine photography. 

Analogue Gallery

This place blends music history and art photography. It boasts photograph collections of some of the music legends like The Beatles and Diana Ross.

BAND Gallery

If you are looking for galleries that highlight Black artists, this is the perfect place. Not only has it supported emerging artists, but it also aims to educate Black culture in Canada.

Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art

This place is not only a gallery but also a publishing house. It is an award-winning venue featuring mainly contemporary arts and photography.

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