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What’s the Best Camera Settings For Flower Photography?

Flower photography, with its intricate details and vibrant hues, is both an art and a science. For many, the pleasure of capturing spring flowers comes from the challenge of capturing nature in its raw, delicate form.
But with the right camera settings for flower photography, this challenge transforms into an opportunity to create breathtaking imagery. Whether you’re a novice looking to photograph flowers in your backyard or a seasoned professional venturing into macro flower photography, knowing your camera settings is …

5 Tips for Great Branding Photos

To promote great personal branding through photography, you must do certain things to ensure success. Remember that each photo displayed represents what you stand for and your message to the viewers. Here are some tips to secure great personal branding photography:
1. Choice of Style Choice
Remember that personal branding means showcasing a real chunk of you, personality-wise. If you want to convey a certain character of yourself, choose a style that fits. It may be sweet, funky, humorous, dramatic, or anything.
2. Choice…

A Photo Documentary of Vaping Culture

As vaping gets more public interest, so is vaping photography. After all, who wouldn’t be enticed by the sight of clouds of smoke flying in the air? For this reason, photographer Louis Amore prepared a documentary that fully describes the vaping culture.
The photographer said that the vapes, take these for example, are appealing and have consistently skyrocketed as it is perceived to be safer compared to normal cigarettes.
The Vaping Culture
The following photo documentary was made after Louis Amore visited a local vapor store, Prohibition Vapes, somewhere in …

Professional Photo Tips

Do you want your photos to look professional? The skills and equipment of a photographer can only get you so far. If you want effective tips for improving your results, here are some that may help you:
1. Schedule A Consultation Before Photo Session
Consult your photographer about the possibilities during the photoshoot and ask questions, directions, and guidelines. The more you go to the details, the better. 
2. Create Your Mood Board
A ‘mood board’ is a visual …

Photoshoot Boost Confidence

We have been taught to smile in front of the camera to make the picture lively, but confidence is what brings life to a photo. Whatever your facial expressions are, you need to own that look. Want some tips for boosting confidence? Here’s how:
1. Mirror Work
In preparing for photoshoots, the mirror will become your best friend. From securing if your outfit is appropriate to simulating facial expressions, make use of the mirror as frequently as possible. 
2. Loosen Up