Artworks are made to be admired by people or to convey a certain concept to them. Therefore, they must be displayed for anyone to see, either for free or for a fee. The most important thing that can make it possible is having a quality frame. 

Some pieces, whether pricey or priceless, are meant for preservation. Here are some of the best custom and picture framing stores you can visit in Toronto:


If you are looking for a wide variety of framing options, you can visit this place. They offer from hardwood moldings to seamless metal cases. 

Akau Framing

A well-known framing store, this place has been a pit stop for many local collectors and artists, all of which wish to preserve the works they brought. 

The Gilder

This store has catered to some of Canada’s most prestigious art pieces. It serves as a go-to place for all sorts of framing jobs. 

Archetype Custom Framing

If you are looking for framing services at a reasonable price, look no further, for this place is a perfect choice. 

Akasha Art Projects

With more than 400 framing samples, you can’t go wrong in choosing this place for framing tasks. Heck, you can even design your own frame.

The Framing Depot

This spacious shop is famous for quick frame customization services. They can even pick up and deliver art pieces. They also offer consultations. 

Darrell Kobza Art Services

Although well-known for restoring old movie posters, this place can perfectly handle framing jobs from the most delicate art pieces. 

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