The art industry in Toronto has been so progressive in recent years. Some galleries in the city boast the best contemporary artworks that many hope to see in person. 

If you happen to stay in the city of Toronto and are also passionate about the arts, here are the best contemporary art galleries you can visit:

MOCA Toronto

With an area spanning 55,000 square feet, this repurposed 5-floor gallery is dedicated to showcasing art pieces from forward-thinking artists worldwide. 

Koffler Gallery

This community gallery has been to many places before settling at Artscape Youngplace. Throughout the year, there is a program running for Canadian artists. 

The Power Plant

As one of Toronto’s leading contemporary art galleries open to the public, this place showcases both international and local artists. Furthermore, there is no permanent collection; therefore, each exhibit may be unique. 

Mercer Union

This non-profit gallery is established and run by artists. With an area of 1,800 square feet, it serves as a breeding place for aspiring talents. 

Cooper Cole Dupont St.

It may be a minimalist place, but this gallery has hosted some very creative performances and works from different solo exhibitionists. 

Daniel Faria Gallery

As a warehouse-style gallery, it hosted works made by a few of Canadian art’s biggest names, both locally and internationally. 

Olga Korper Gallery

This place has a massive exhibition area wherein many artists showcase their exciting works either in groups or as individuals. 

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