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Guy Maddin | Rise of the Blind Wombs


Lisa Kehler Art + Projects is honoured to present Guy Maddin | Rise of the Blind Wombs a solo exhibition in collaboration with One Mile Gallery (Kingston, NY). Opening reception Saturday June 1 | 6-8 pm, and a special screening of The Green Fog on Sunday, June 2.

How similar are collage and cinema? Why they’re practically the same thing! Both arts divulge themselves to us in their mise-en-scène – the arrangement within the frame of their narrative elements, their sets, props, actors, costumes, and lighting. The same impulses lurk everywhere movies and collages are made, lurid urges, dark demiurgic compulsions to create new matter out of old, by unloosing onto collision courses a bunch of otherwise-unemployed stuff lying around the set between shots. OK, so the director of a collage has it easier than the filmmaker, choreographing with just a few gluey fingertips the papery actors and decors of the tabletop -- no camera or crew required! But this wielder of scissors and paste has just a single frame with which to work, where the filmmaker has twenty-four per second. The collage has to tell its story in this one frozen moment, a cross-section of time so stock-still it’s incapable of perceiving anything in the rapid blur outside its two dimensions. It’s sightless, this collage, incapable of anything but projecting outward to its beholders the very birth of whatever idea just occurred to it! Terrifying to think each collage is trapped in that nanosecond, an instant on the verge of expressing something, revealing a confidential circumstance, but incapable of moving forward and spilling the beans. Its little fallopian secrets are safe forever!



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