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Too Sicks Reunion Show at Graffiti Gallery

Lisa Kehler Art + Projects in collaboration with Graffiti Art Programming is excited to present a Two Six exhibition featuring Ian August, Shaun Morin, Melanie Rocan, Cyrus Smith, Fred Thomas, and David Wityk. For the first time in over a decade, the original members of the important Winnipeg-based graffiti collective will reunite to show both old work and new.

This exhibition is in essence, a response to the important 26 exhibition mounted in 2006 by Cliff Eyland, then-Director of Gallery 111 at the University of Manitoba. Since that time, each artist has gone on to successful solo careers. This exhibition aims to highlight the historical impact of their work on the city (you can still find many works nailed to hydro poles and fences), as well as the development of each artist since that time.

The exhibition will open to the public on Thursday, August 17 at the Graffiti Gallery, 109 Higgins Avenue.

Further details to follow.