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Neil Farber | The Braided Stream

Lisa Kehler Art + Projects is proud to present Neil Farber | The Braided Stream – his first Canadian solo show in over a decade. The exhibition features 12 new paintings created through his current favoured process of layering paint, text, and collages in acrylic pouring medium.

Since the beginning, Farber has possessed the ability to create deceptively simple characters of depth. In this new exhibition, a young girl acts as the protagonist. 

In the exhibition’s accompanying interview, Farber reveals that the character grew from a decision twenty years ago to “stop making funny drawings with characters and speech bubbles and start making more surreal drawings.”  The little girl is an evolution from his globehead sculptures. “The sculptures inspired me to start using a girl as the main character in these paintings, sometimes with a globe head, but usually without, because she was just a normal girl before her head got so big.”

These rich, dense, messy, works reveal a new connection each viewing. Farber is going for exactly that. “My drawings and paintings have become more dense with characters and ideas over the years because I love the way that over saturation looks and feels…pushing that saturation level, and having the paintings be more than one kind of painting at the same time.”

The Braided Stream will run from September 9 and run until October 8, with an opening reception on Friday, September 9 from 6-8 pm. The artist will be in attendance. An interview, conducted by composer and Curator of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s New Music Festival, Matthew Patton, is available online at www.

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