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Sylvia Matas: A Certain Distance

Reception: Saturday, July 25, 2-5 pm

Artist in attendance

All photos by Karen Asher.

Lisa Kehler Art + Projects is delighted to announce Sylvia Matas’ first solo show with the gallery. A Certain Distance reflects a continuation in Matas' interest in the complex relationship between perception and reality, and our experience of the passage of time. The exhibition also marks the artist’s first foray into video.

"I think our experience of time is a strange thing," says Matas. "Time appears to be going in a single direction and we are aware of the irreversible nature of events, both personal and cosmological. But we also know that how we experience the arrow of time might not be very accurate."

A Certain Distance builds on layered narratives where situations can be experienced from multiple perspectives in time and space. The drawings describe the perceptual experience of a set of circumstances. Temporality and space appear flexible as the images transform each other by proximity.

In the first of two new videos, A Window, a detail of a photograph shows a window from the outside. The narrative describes what we can’t see on the other side of the glass-an individual walking toward the window. The storyline moves back and forth between describing his movement through the space and metaphorical descriptions of his inner state leading to a loss of distinction between inner and outer worlds. In That day, This time, a single photographic image of a pine forest is fractured and a layered sequence of events unfolds from its pieces. Different points in space and time overlap and form a narrative describing a mysterious event.

 A Certain Distance will open on Saturday, July 25 and run until August 22.

Sylvia Matas is an interdisciplinary artist from Winnipeg, Canada whose drawings, texts and videos explore psychological landscapes, natural phenomena and individual experience. She received Masters of Fine Arts from the Chelsea College in London, England (2008). Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently at The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Plug In ICA, Actual (Winnipeg), AKA Gallery (Saskatoon), Útúrdúr (Reykjavik), MKG127, and Justina M. Barnicke (Toronto). Her work is in both private and public collections in Canada.


Local Artist's Austere Drawings...(Winnipeg Free Press Review)


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