Kristin Nelson | drink at Neutral Ground

From 2017 onward, disposable cups were woven on a floor loom in cotton by some of Riding Mountain National Park's most stunning lakes and in the artists studio. Kristin Nelson invited people to have a drink using these cups in a series of performative servings of water at water coolers, by lakes, and by the river. The continuous making, serving and destruction of cups is presented here in its final installation of drink.

drink is an overt commentary on our precious natural resources and the effects of our consumer culture on them. 

"I investigate and ennoble different forms of labour through the re-presentation of mass manufactured objects. Repetition, reproduction and the re-appropriation of technologies are strategies used to make my work's various relationships to my body evident. Often, my attempt is to reposition how we value labour beyond a Capitalist or Marxist value approach. This repositioning of labour - as seen through a disability studies lens - places value on the body itself, instead of on what the labouring body produces. 

"The language of manufacture is played out through the creation of multiples. I apply this language of manufacture using multiples to raise questions about social, political and aesthetic boundaries in the interest of artistic, intellectual and manual labour. With this work, my aim is to append a particular value to all objects, despite the objects' place within or outside of a capitalist construct. Regarding art, the questions, 'Is art valuable' or, 'Does art matter' become irrelevant to me in the production of art and the labour involved in its creation. For me, the value of all objects lies inevitably in each object's relation to labouring time."
-Kristin Nelson

drink will run from December 1 - January 12, 2019

For more information, visit the Neutral Ground website.