Winter Gallery News

Paul Butler will host a week long Collage Party at the Centennial Concert Hall in association with the New Music Festival. For the NMF, Butler will provide vintage record sleeves along with a spectrum of magazines for participants to create fantasy album covers from. Neil Farber will be exhibiting, Little Girls with Globe Heads, an installation of 49 mannequin sculptures. They are part of a larger sculptural and photographic project Farber is working on called “Little girls/ Globe heads” where the sculptures are photographed creating images that are similar to drawings he makes.

For more details on the New Music Festival, visit their site at

Derek Dunlop recently returned from a six-week thematic residency at the Banff Centre in Alberta called, "Are we looking at dead birds?". The lead faculty of the residency was Céline Kopp, the curator and director of Triangle France in Marseilles. Composed of nine artists from multiple disciplines the residency explored issues relating to representation, materiality, and empathy.

Guy Maddin's new film, The Forbidden Room opened at Sundance 2015 this past week to incredible reviews.

Kristin Nelson was awarded the Canada Council for the Arts, International Residency Sydney, Australia, 2015. She will undertake audio recordings at the Sydney Opera House to be incorporated into a larger project.

Suzie Smith recently returned from her month as the Artist in Residence at Bang centre d’art actuel.  Located in Saguenay, Quebec, Bang supports artists who practice in both the visual and media arts from Québec, Canada and abroad.

Robert Taite's exhibition, Interior Latex Eggshell will open at AKA artist runSaskatoon, SK on March 13 and run until May 2.