Kristin Nelson | drink at Neutral Ground

From 2017 onward, disposable cups were woven on a floor loom in cotton by some of Riding Mountain National Park's most stunning lakes and in the artists studio. Kristin Nelson invited people to have a drink using these cups in a series of performative servings of water at water coolers, by lakes, and by the river. The continuous making, serving and destruction of cups is presented here in its final installation of drink.

drink is an overt commentary on our precious natural resources and the effects of our consumer culture on them. 

"I investigate and ennoble different forms of labour through the re-presentation of mass manufactured objects. Repetition, reproduction and the re-appropriation of technologies are strategies used to make my work's various relationships to my body evident. Often, my attempt is to reposition how we value labour beyond a Capitalist or Marxist value approach. This repositioning of labour - as seen through a disability studies lens - places value on the body itself, instead of on what the labouring body produces. 

"The language of manufacture is played out through the creation of multiples. I apply this language of manufacture using multiples to raise questions about social, political and aesthetic boundaries in the interest of artistic, intellectual and manual labour. With this work, my aim is to append a particular value to all objects, despite the objects' place within or outside of a capitalist construct. Regarding art, the questions, 'Is art valuable' or, 'Does art matter' become irrelevant to me in the production of art and the labour involved in its creation. For me, the value of all objects lies inevitably in each object's relation to labouring time."
-Kristin Nelson

drink will run from December 1 - January 12, 2019

For more information, visit the Neutral Ground website.

Shaun Morin | Kristin Nelson | Robert Taite at WAG


The latest exhibit from the WAG's New Contemporary series reveals what is rarely seen by the public—the artist's process in their studio and their research from the museum vault. Often viewers only witness the complete ‘finished work' in art exhibitions. Behind Closed Doors shares some of the research, experimentation, and the trajectory of a body of work in progress: how an idea is developed and how it evolves. In many ways the studio is laboratory and the vault a place of study. There is a sense of enchantment visiting artists in their spaces and connecting the ways ideas are expressed in different forms. This experience is yours to discover in Behind Closed Doors. The exhibition brings together work from artists based in Winnipeg or with Winnipeg roots. Artists Ian August and Irene Bindi excavated and researched pieces from the WAG collection to inform and influence new works created for this show that unveil layers of knowledge and material. Working with art historical items unfolds a transformation of new ideas and ways of thinking and rethinking objects through a contemporary lens.

Featuring artwork by: Ian August, Irene Bindi, Mia Feuer, Takashi Iwasaki, Shaun Morin & Melanie Rocan, Kristin Nelson, Matea Radic, Dominique Rey, and Robert Taite

Curated by Jaimie Isaac, WAG Curator of Indigenous & Contemporary Art


From January 25-28, LKAP participated in Art Los Angeles Contemporary. A sincere thank you to all who visited the booth, to Tim Fleming, Director of ALAC, for another banger of a fair, and to Canada Council for the support. 


Gallery Hours April

While LKAP attends Papier Montreal 2017, the gallery will be close Wednesday April 19th through Friday April 21st. 

The gallery will be open Saturday April 22nd for the final day of This Must Be The Place (Home Pt 2). 


We apologize for the inconvenience but the gallery will be closed today. We will reopen Wednesday at 12. The gallery will also be open by appointment only from April 20-22 while we are at Papier. Thank you.

Review of Aganetha Dyck



Aganetha Dyck, An Inconvenient Proposal, 2007, Porcelain figure, beeswax, honeycomb, Courtesy of the artist and Michael Gibson Gallery, London, ON (image courtesy of apexart)

Aganetha Dyck, An Inconvenient Proposal, 2007, Porcelain figure, beeswax, honeycomb, Courtesy of the artist and Michael Gibson Gallery, London, ON (image courtesy of apexart)

"Aganetha Dyck has spent 20 years working with honeybees, placing found objects into their hives which will then become naturally coated in patches and layers of honeycomb. This transforms the look and feel of the objects into something new and strange. “Most of it is all their own decision, but she sometimes gives them hints about where she wants them to build using pheromones,” adds Falvey.

Interestingly and tragically, Dyck recently developed a “life-threatening allergy to bee stings.” She has not given up, enlisting the help of photographer William Eakin to replace her in the physical act of putting objects in the hives. Eakin then further adds to the collaboration by photographing the objects. It’s curious to consider that if anything were to happen to bees in this uncertain time for them, they will leave an artistic legacy behind."

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National Exhibitions


Jeanette Johns The Weight Of The Earth's Curve at Arprim, Montreal. 

from Jeannette Johns  The Weight Of The Earth's Curve

from Jeannette Johns The Weight Of The Earth's Curve

Jeanette Johns The Weight Of The Earth's Curve at Arprim, Montreal. January 20th to February 25. 

Winnipeg-born, Montreal based artist Jeannette Johns presents a series of new works on paper that explore historical representations of the Earth's sphericity.  In various fields of knowledge - philosophy, topology, geography, astronomy - the three-dimensionality of the Earth is collapsed and distorted into two-dimensional representations of scale, dimension and distance.  However our lived experience is necessarily tied to the Earth's volume, gravity and movements through three-dimensional space.  Johns's works consider the complicated relations of optics, scale, abstraction in our desire to map truth.    


Suzie Smith at Centennial Hall, Winnipeg. 

from Suzie Smith at the Centennial Hall

from Suzie Smith at the Centennial Hall

Suzie Smith at Centennial Hall as part of a collaboration between Plug In ICA and the Winnipeg New Music Festival. January 20 to February 28. 

Winnipeg artist Suzie Smith show new site-specific print works as part of a collaboration between Plug In ICA and The Winnipeg New Music Festival.  Through repetition and intentional distortion of the five lined musical staff, Smith's work responds to the ephemerality of experiencing music.  The series will be installed on the Piano Nobile Wall of the Centennial Concert Hall (555 Main St. Winnipeg)


Robert Taite at EAGM, Saskatchewan

Robert Taite  glowey petroleum space  in Plastic Rhyme at EAGM

Robert Taite glowey petroleum space in Plastic Rhyme at EAGM

Robert Taite in Plastic Rhymes at EAGM, Estevan Saskatchewan, January 20 to February 24.

Winnipeg artist Robert Taite shows new work in the group show Plastic Rhymes at the Estevan Art Gallery and Museum, Estevan Saskatchewan.  Plastic Rhymes considers Picasso's assertion that painting produces geometrical rhymes in form, colour and space.  Extending Picasso's observation beyond the surface of the canvas through the use of various non-traditional media, alternative frames, and by occupying unconventional gallery space, Taite's work critically re-evaluates the language and assumptions of painting.   



Art Toronto

Booth V06 (VERGE)
October 28 - 31, 2016
VIP Opening: October 27 (Tickets)

We are proud to present the work of Erica Eyres, Krisjanis Kaktins-Gorsline, Guy Maddin, Jon Pylypchuk, and Robert Taite -  a diversity in medium including collage, sculpture, drawing, painting, and textiles. We will also have a limited selection of works by Aganetha Dyck, and Kristin Nelson

We are also honoured to have been chosen to present a special project featuring The Long Weekend, the collective of Winnipeg artists and filmmakers including Paul Butler, Galen Johnson, Julia Anne Leach, Guy Maddin, and Caelum Vatnsdal, with special guests Jonah Corne, Simon Hughes, and Alicia Smith. A series of 6 fantastical, faux movie posters mounted in light boxes will be on display in the cafe. Each work is available for purchase. We look forward to seeing you there.

Preview the works online now at Artsy. 




Erica Eyres, Line Up, 2015. Pencil on paper, 14 x 11 inches.



Guy Maddin, Untitled (Jackie), 2016. Collage on paper, 10 x 8 inches

Krisjanis Kaktins-Gorline, Smithers, 2015. Oil on canvas, 60 x 48 inches

Jon Pylypchuk, untitled, 2015. Enamel on gessoed canvas, 40 x 40 inches

Robert Taite, deep stark easy, 2016. Latex paint on canvas, approx 24 x 24 inches

The Long Weekend, Space Wars, 2016. Digital Print in lightbox, 36 x 24 inches.